Sierra Hartley (Maggie) is a student at Putnam City West, She is a Junior. Sierra is involved in the Drama department at her school in StageCraft, she is mostly known for being behind the scenes. Sierra has preformed before on stage, She has been in Sleeping Beauty and High School Musical, as well as other shows. She has worked behind the scenes for, A Piece of my Heart, Godspell, The Man-Child, Music Man, Bang Bang You're Dead, and Snow White. Sierra is very glad to have a chance to work on Pumpken with her friends.
If you don't know the Count, because you're new to Oklahoma or just walked out of your own cave...

Longtime Oklahoma City television fixture, John Ferguson is best known for his dearly loved character, the weekend movie host Count Gregore, whose cloak he donned from 1958 to 1988.

Anjanette Clewis

Starred in Through Hell,Suburban Nightmare, Witchcraft 13, Satan's Cheerleaders,American Nightmare and PUMPKEN

A true Horror Scream Queen. She loves Frankenstein and a true professional.